31 December 2009

Charolais in Carolina

I am thoroughly enjoying my adventures in North Carolina. There are no basic rural farms where I live, so I am trying to get as many photos as I can manage. If you bore of animal pics, by all means please visit photocommunique (link at top of page.) My dad has a much different style.
Here one of the Charolais cows had an itchy cheek, and proceeded to remedy this with her back foot.
Oh, yeah - Happy New Year!!


30 December 2009


While on another adventure, Dad and I happened across a field of four Charolais cows. They were very dynamic ladies, if not a little wary of me and my camera. They allowed me to touch their noses. This particular cow stood a little away from the group of three, and came to see me when I approached. She made this face when she wanted to be closer to me, but wasn't willing to take a full step.
I used a wide angle zoom lens.


29 December 2009

How Many Gallons?

The waterfall pics that I promised are here. This waterfall is located a little off the beaten path - we drove four miles through dilapidated houses sporting old tires, tricycles, rusty Ford pickups, and once, a toilet. After the parking lot, there was a very short, simple hike to two locations; directly above the falls, on the rock face to the right, and below the falls, onto a large, fairly flat rock where this picture was taken.

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A nameless stray appeared in the parking lot. I dubbed him Jodie and snapped a few frames. A group before us laid out some bread crusts for him. He ate them hungrily, but with a twinge of sadness. Wishing he had a home to feed him? Or simply wishing there was more?

28 December 2009

The Chicken Done Crossed It.

I practically screamed at dad to stop the car as I turned to see this. I needed this photo.
When I'm done getting the farm animals out of system, I promise to give you some waterfall pics.

Chicken; Helen

Driving down the road toward to Elk Park Falls, Dad and I encountered a pair of chickens. The other being farther away and plain white, I focused on the patterned bird directly in front of my passenger window. She glared at me with a scowl worthy of a more majestic, airborne raptor. Th caption came from the movie Madeline, in which the portly chef lady declares that dinner is to be her famous 'Chicken; Helen.'

Out Here in the Field

This time, autofocus chose to ignore the cows and zeroed in on the nondescript foreground. Still- a nice effect.

A + B = C

For Winter Break from school, I've gone down to Boone, North Carolina to visit my dad and his family. Today, my dad and I went on our own adventure. While my dad consulted a map, I jumped out of the car to inspect a nearby farmhouse pond. I saw the most interesting thing - three ducks swimming together. One was the standard white Aflac duck, another a common Mallard, and the third a cross between the two. Fascinated, I quickly began snapping pics. Unfortunately, all the ducks in the pond began to swim away upon my arrival. Lucky for me, I was equipped with a zoom lens.