31 May 2011


Sometimes it's better to look at one small detail than to try and swallow the big picture.

29 May 2011

Hockney: Elk River Falls 2

This is another Hockey collage of Elk park falls. This time, instead of being under the falls, I'm on the big rock to the right of the falls. 1960s Effect produced on Picnik.

10 May 2011

Hello, Best Friend

Horses are my favourite animal. I love fish, and dogs, but horses will always have a special place in my heart. They always have. I've never had the privilege of owning a horse, but I did take riding lessons for a while at a local barn. The moment when a horse turns its head and acknowledges you is one of the happiest things you can see. It's such a simple motion. Their eyes will widen and they will regard you with one side of their face, until they turn their whole body to get closer so you can give them a pet or a snack. That look always seems to say, 'Hello, Best Friend!'

08 May 2011

Mountain Daisy

Yet another citizen of the secret valley. The closest daisy has beetles clustered over it. I wonder were they there to eat the plant or to pollinate? Friend or Foe?

02 May 2011

Onion Twist

Here is another example of what I found in the secret valley. Wild Onions grow all over the place and are essentially a weed with a very pungent smell. The bulbs are very small but the stalks can get very tall. The smaller stalk was wrapped around the larger stalk for suppourt, almost like a kid holding their mom's hand.

01 May 2011

Seven Spots Sipping

I found this butterfly in the secret valley my dad and I found. I think it had never seen a person before, because it never flinched when I got up close to it. I laid down on the ground as close as i could get. The camera focused at 9 inches away, and made a great depth of field effect. What I think is the most interesting about this butterfly is that it is sitting down. I have never seen a butterfly do that. It was using it's long curly 'tongue,' technically a proboscis, to drink water from the waterlogged soil.