24 July 2011

Heaven I

I spent the last week on Andros Island, in the Bahamas!
But expel the thoughts of luxury resorts and water slides and exotic drinks. All of those things are in Nassau, or Paradise Island. Andros island is the largest of all 700-odd islands, but it is also the most underdeveloped. I went there on a mission trip with my church's youth group, to teach young people the good character qualities of Daniel. I spent most of the week in Nicholl's Town, teaching the teenage girls at the local high school.
I found myself looking up with my camera, because the clouds were so beautiful. I kept thinking that it was like seeing the doorstep of Heaven.

11 July 2011

The Lady

I figurine I found in Old Town Ellicott City.

01 July 2011

Shadow Screen

I love the texture of palmetto fronds. There's so many values in one little picture, the colour version just didn't capture it as well.