27 April 2011


I found this along a riverside in the mountains of south Virginia, along the creeper trail. It's a wheel hub for a car, rusted almost beyond recognition. It was probably carried down the mountain by the river and left on the bank after a flood.

25 April 2011

Hockney: Elk River Falls

This is an example of the photography style of Hockney. It is made by taking multiple pictures and then arranging them so that they fit together, like a patchwork panoramic. You may recognise this waterfall from one of my first posts. I put this together using the collage feature on Picasa, which is free,simple, and downloadable from Google.

24 April 2011

Mountain Daffodil

I found this flower in the middle of a field in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. My dad and I walked along a trail for maintenance vehicles almost to the Tennessee state line. Suddenly, the trail opened up into a valley hidden away in the trees. It was about 30 acres of cleared grassland and the river ran along the right side. I found this solitary daffodil by itself in the grass.

21 April 2011

I Wish...

After a very VERY long break between posts, I finally have loads of new material from spring break up at the cabin. I've been experimenting with Hockney style photography, but for now, here's another installation in the macro category.