29 August 2011

25 August 2011


One of the members of the Jellies exhibit at the Baltimore Aquarium.

23 August 2011

19 August 2011

Earth II

This is how God looks at the world.

18 August 2011


Another view from the Bahamas.

15 August 2011


Another installment in my collection of North Carolina Strays.

14 August 2011


In the Bahamas, there aren't very many animals. I guess there are wild pigs, but we didn't see any. On the last day of Andros Bible Camp, when we were taking down tents, this frog leaped from one of the tent poled to my elbow. He seemed content just to rest there until I showed him a tree that he could call home instead.

04 August 2011

Earth I

While we look up to see Heaven, maybe the angels are looking down to see Earth.