28 January 2012

Light Painting

Woah... It's been a while since I posted. In all honesty I forgot that I even had a blog. Since I don't have a kick-butt camera like my dad, I just haven't felt motivated to post, because I haven't felt motivated to take pictures in the first place.
And then my photography teacher introduced a new unit: Light Painting.

To make a light painting, you will need:
  • a tripod
  • at least one flashlight / glowstick / sparkler / high power phone screen
  • a dark room / nighttime backyards with little light
  • the ability to adjust the shutter s
    peed on you camera.
  • space to jump around like a moron as you paint.
  1. Set the camera on the tripod after adjusting the shutter speed.
  2. Snap the photo. You can also put on a timer, so you can have some time to set up.
  3. After you click the button (for lack of technical terms), turn your flashlight around and, essentially, do interpretive dance around your backyard.
  4. While you are dancing, hope that the neighbors don't decide to look out a window and see you pirouetting around your backyard, alone, with a flashlight in one hand.
  5. After a reasonable amount of time, shuffle over to your camera and check the picture.
  6. Exclaim in excitement.
  7. Repeat.
You will end up with something like this.

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